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There’s no better way to spend your free time than engaging yourselves with family or friends in sports. The Cambodian Country Club serves as your one stop recreational spot for its wide-array of sports.

Lessons are available for tennis, badminton, swimming, fencing and archery on all levels. If you see me around and have any concerns regarding sports, I would be more than happy to assist you.

Explore, discover and grow through sports!

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Considered archery-01as one of the ancient sports in the world, archery is still a gallant sport for everyone, young and old. Fortunately, this sport is available at CCC! If you want to go pro, our very own teachers can provide lessons upon request.
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Badminton-01Two indoor courts with lights allow you to play any time you want. Between friends or with an experienced teacher, the shuttlecocks will fly around.
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basketball-01This energizing game is still a good choice for fun and is played widely around the world. You may not make it to the NBA but invite your friends and have shoot some hoops!
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Football-01Kick of the fun on our football field! Invite your friends or family and enjoy a game or two on our 37m x 74m grass field. Other sports such as rugby and American Football can be played here as well.
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Roller Skating

Roller-Skating---Copy-01Get your roller skates going and have fun in our skate park! This sport is mostly enjoyed by the young ones and the young at heart!

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Swimming-01Take a dip in our semi-olympic sized (25m x 12m) salt-water pool with experienced teachers ready to provide you lessons upon request.

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FencingEn garde, prez, allez! Bring out the Zorro or a top-notch swordsman in you and engage in a bout with a friend or teacher. Our instructors come from the Cambodian Fencing Federation.

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Volleyball-01CCC is equipped with a 400 square meters sand field perfect for playing volleyball or futsal.

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Table Tennis

Table-Tennis-01Ping pong or table tennis is a great sport that serves as a mental workout. Test your speed on bouncing balls against your chosen opponents and have a great deal of fun!

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Tennis-01Grab your tennis rackets and smash those balls for fun or competition! If you wish to learn more about tennis, our instructors from the Tennis Federation of Cambodia are pleased to assist you.

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Sumo-suit Wrestling

Sumu-Suit-Wrestling-(1)-01Channel the inner sumo wrestlers in you and wear gigantic sumo-suits as you tumble and wrestle your way to winning against your opponent.
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Sports Clinic

Sports-Clinic-01Cambodian Country Club provides its members various sports training based on a systematic method. Trainings start from basic to intermediate and competitive level in different sports such as basketball, swimming, tennis, and many more. Be a part of our sports clinic and improve your skills and develop your sense of sportsmanship and teamwork.
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Fitness Center

Fitness-01Aside from the tons of sports that the country club provides, CCC has its own fitness center equipped with weights, cardiovascular machines, trail mills, and other body building equipment. Gym instructor, Zumba and Taebo group classes are available upon request.

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Teambuilding Activities

Teambuilding--01Our sports department offers new and exciting games for your whole team, may it be for corporate or social event. All of our games are prepared and are made sure to test the strategy, teamwork and discipline of the participants.

Bookings of courts/fields, tournaments or any activities can be arranged with us.