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Cambodian Country Club is the centre for sports.

With the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, the 25000 sqm CCC sports complex serves as your one-stop recreational centre for wide-array of sports. Featuring a 4000 sqm equestrian centre housed for 30 horses and ponies, CCC promises to offer an exciting and never-felt-before experience for members and guests with the well-equipped facilities and impeccable services. Be ready to test your skills or showcase your abilities in the one and only equestrian centre in Phnom Penh.

Also available in our sports complex are sports including archery, badminton, basketball, fencing, football, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball as well as a fully-equipped fitness centre. Whether you enjoy sports for health benefits, social interaction or the love of competition, the Cambodian Country Club is the best place for you. Your fulfilment is our priority!

Should you desire to improve your skills, take yourself to the next level or simply engage in new sports, come to CCC. With certified international and local instructors, Cambodian Country Club offers lessons that suit members and guests of all level of play. Lessons are available for tennis, badminton, swimming, fencing, archery and horse riding at the affordable rates.


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