The 2014 Badminton Doubles Tournament was a success thanks to all the participants who made the competition exciting! There we’re 8 teams in total and was dominated by the Chinese players. We also had entries from France, India, Australia and Cambodia.

The 8 teams competed for the single elimination round with 21 rally point in a best of 3 games. It was a classis display of precision, quickness and stamina.

The Final Game lived up to its level of reputation as it took 3 sets to decide who wins the game.

Chen Hantao and Xiao Ruwu of China took advantage by winning the first set 21-11pts. but the French/Cambodian tag team of Dorian and Keo Sambath didn’t give up and paid-back by securing the second set in a closed match 21-18pts., in the end the Chinese proves why badminton is their sport by annihilating the latter team with 21-6pts. Chen Hantao and Xiao Ruwu are CCC Badminton Doubles Tournament July 2014. They will defend their title for the next competition in September.

Thank you to all participants and we will see you again in September.

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